JBE Header The JBE7 Two/Tone™ Set  is available in two variants for 7 string guitars; (1) an M34 sized Soapbar design and (2) a traditional non-cover design.  Please note that the designs are not interchangeable .

The JBE7 Two/Tone set incorporates the same switchable dual-tone capabilities as our HB Two/Tone pickups for 6 string guitars, offering both full bodied humbucker performance plus a single-coil-sounding mode for added flexibility… while retaining full humcancelling capability in either mode. No coil splitting here!  Up to 8 tonal combinations of pickup + mode selections are achievable using Push/Pull pots (or other Double Pole/Double Throw) switches.   And, mode switching is completely noiseless.
The Soapbar variant is housed in a 3.5″L x 1.48″ W x.85″D cover, whereas the Traditional non-cover design is 3.00″L x 1.31″ W x .80″D.

The JBE7 Set is available in Black or with a White, Ivory, or Amber Cherry Woodgrain top (Soapbar only and has an uplift of $25/set)


“…took my Schecter 7-String guitar with a set of newly equipped  JBE7s  into my local music store to audition a new amp.  The staff there was amazed at the tone of my guitar with the JBE7s.” —Floyd.

“These Pickups Rock! (JBE7 Traditionals).  Matter of fact, I was playing them and one of the Guitar Teachers…walks out and says ‘What’s in that you’re playing, it sounds great!’ Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with them. The Tone Cuts!! Clear, Punchy, Articulate. That’s all I can say – other than that, “Thanks!”  Clint.



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