JBE Header The JBE7 Two/Tone™ Set   is designed for 7-String guitars with the same switchable dual-tone capabilities as our humbucker Two/Tone pickups.  The dual mode JBE7 pickups offer both the full bodied humbucker performance and tone expected for a 7 string in addition to a single coil sounding mode for added flexibility.  Up to 8 tonal combinations of pickup + mode selections are achievable using Push/Pull pots (or other Double Pole/Double Throw) switches.   And, mode switching is completely noiseless.
The JBE7s are housed in a 3.5″L x 1.48″ W x.85″D cover.

The JBE7 Set is available in Black or with a White, Ivory, or Amber Cherry Woodgrain top.  (Amber Cherry Woodgrain is at an additional cost)


“…took my Schecter 7-String guitar with a set of newly equipped  JBE7s,  into my local music store to audition a new amp.  The staff there was amazed at the tone of my guitar with the JBE7s.” —Floyd H.



Color Options / Dimensions


Wiring Diagram- HB Two/Tone