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“The best pickups on the planet!” ~ Danny Gatton

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JBE Pickups

For more than 40 years, JBE Pickups have been providing the most articulate, responsive pickups available.

There’s an old saying, ‘It’s not what you say, but how you say it.’ What this statement is talking about is ‘tone’. As musicians, we are continually seeking the truest, purest and fullest tone we can find.

JBE Pickups is committed to offering the same high-fidelity, touch-responsive and pleasingly transparent pickups that players have been enjoying for decades.  Joe Barden’s exceptional designs retain the unique character of every instrument, but with more highs, more lows…more everything.  This high-fidelity approach ensures a smooth, warm tone while always retaining the dynamics and clarity that JBE Pickups are world-renowned for.  Near-telepathic touch responsiveness makes sure your sound never gets lost in the beguiling, pure tone of JBE Pickups

Every JBE Pickup is 100% noise-free and never dull or lifeless.  Remarkably sensitive to height adjustments, JBE’s pickups allow players to tailor their instrument to their needs and playing style.  Our signature Dual-Blade construction makes sure bent notes never fall off and string spacing is never an issue.  Always soulful and dynamic, find out why legends like Danny Gatton, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, and Keith Richards choose JBE Pickups.  And make sure to check out our Resources page for more on why JBE Pickups are the ‘Best Pickups on the Planet!’

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