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Resistance [R] specs as a means of pickup comparison


“What are the resistance specs of your pickup”?
The question is routinely asked as a way to compare pickups of different manufacturers before making a purchase decision. Publishing the spec on our website would be an easy way to convey that information, but it would also be misleading, because resistance alone […]

Installation and Height Adjustment Procedures


Do not use a power screwdriver or drill. USE HAND TOOLS ONLY! NEVER use excessive force when tightening the installation/height adjustment screws. STOP WHEN SCREWS ARE SLIGHTLY SNUG! NEVER torque or adjust the screws all the way on […]

Create a Virtual Pickup using Series Parallel Wirings

Click on the link below entitled Series Parallel Blog,  to read  how to create a “Virtual Pickup” using a low cost modification employing the concept of Series/Parallel wiring.   It is a rather long discussion and we hope that you will find it beneficial.  You may need to first click on …More to expose […]

Does my pickup need to be rewound?

”My pickup reads “open”. Can I get it rewound?”
The answer to this question is a resounding….”it depends”. This is not the answer you may have expected. But, the good news is that the pickup may still be viable and does not need a rewind, even though it measured “open”.

Rewinding a hand crafted JBE pickup can […]

Modern or Gatton T-Bridge – Which JBE Pickup Should I Buy?

As you can imagine we get this question a lot.   The answer really depends on the style of music you generally play and what you want from your Tele.

 General Guidelines

As a general guideline, select the Gatton T-Bridge for Rock-a-Billy and Classic Country styles and the Modern T-Bridge for Modern Country, Rock and Jazz styles.   […]

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