Installation and Height Adjustment Procedures


Do not use a power screwdriver or drill. USE HAND TOOLS ONLY! NEVER use excessive force when tightening the installation/height adjustment screws. STOP WHEN SCREWS ARE SLIGHTLY SNUG! NEVER torque or adjust the screws all the way on […]

Create a Virtual Pickup using Series Parallel Wirings

Click on the link below entitled Series Parallel Blog,  to read  how to create a “Virtual Pickup” using a low cost modification employing the concept of Series/Parallel wiring.   It is a rather long discussion and we hope that you will find it beneficial.  You may need to first click on …More to expose […]

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Does my pickup need to be rewound?

”My pickup reads “open”. Can I get it rewound?”
The answer to this question is a resounding….”it depends”. This is not the answer you may have expected. But, the good news is that the pickup may still be viable and does not need a rewind, even though it measured “open”.

Rewinding a hand crafted JBE pickup can […]

Modern or Gatton T-Bridge – Which JBE Pickup Should I Buy?

As you can imagine we get this question a lot.   The answer really depends on the style of music you generally play and what you want from your Tele.

 General Guidelines

As a general guideline, select the Gatton T-Bridge for Rock-a-Billy and Classic Country styles and the Modern T-Bridge for Modern Country, Rock and Jazz styles.   […]

JBE Pickups Announces HB Mini Hums

Date:  June 12, 2014
Contact:  Frank T – President JBE Pickups™

JBE Pickups™ is pleased to announce the addition of the HB Mini™ to its line of dual blade humbucker pickups.

The HB Mini is a single mode small footprint humbucker pickup that fits readily into instruments with traditional mini-humbucker pickup routes; including Les Pauls™, SGs™ and other guitar models that […]

R300 Pickups for Rickenbacker® Guitars

Looking for replacement pickups for you Ric™  guitar ?  If so, you need to checkout our new R300™ pickups.

Although not yet officially announced, the R300s are among the latest additions in the R-Series of JBE Pickups designed to fit Rickenbacker® guitars and basses.   Like all JBE pickups, the R300s are hum-canceling designs that not only improves […]

Which Tele Bridgeplate do I need?

There are two Joe Barden  Tele Bridgeplate and Saddle kit models available:
 American Standard
Vintage Style
In general, if your guitar currently has a flat, 6-saddle bridgeplate, the correct replacement would be an American Standard  model.    If you have what is commonly referred to as the ashtray bridge plate, it is likely to be the Vintage […]

Wiring Tip: Using an S1 switch with JBE pickups

June 29th, 2011
Can I use a Fender S1 switch with JBE pickups?
YES!  Definitely.  But you need to know a bit about the switch and how it works.

The S1 is a 4- pole/double throw switch that Fender ships on select models of Teles and Strats.  The switch is proprietary to Fender and may not be […]

R4000 Bass Pickups Get a Workout!

September 1st, 2011

I just love hearing the kind of news that follows here from Todd.  Had to share with you all.    Todd, thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Frank T
JBE Pickups

Hi Frank,
It just occurred to me the other day that I never gave you any follow-up on the “road test” of my Rick bass that […]

Why We Resist ‘Resistance’

November 2nd, 2011


Not surprisingly, we often get questions about the specs of our pickups.   Most of the time the questions are about the resistance [R] of the pickup because musicians want to understand how the pickup ‘sounds’ or to determine if a JBE pickup will mate with another brand pickup in their guitar.  It is […]

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JBE on Series/Parallel Wiring

January 17th, 2012

JBE on Series and Parallel Pickup Wiring
Series and parallel pickup wiring is sometimes a bit confusing.  This is because we often use the terms “series and parallel” to refer to how pickups are wired together, as well as an optional wiring scheme for an individual pickup. However, the technical concepts of series and […]

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Soapbar (P90) User Review

January 24th, 2012

Here is a great user review of our Soapbar (P90) pickup set.  Check it out! 

Frank T
JBE Pickups
Joe Barden Engineering

Jan. 2012

Pete here….I recently installed a set of JBE Soapbars in a Les Paul and wanted to tell you about my very positive experience with them. I’ll try to keep it brief!

I have been […]

JBE Soapbar Question

March 30th, 2012


Here is a question posed by someone considering JBE Soapbar pickups:

Hello !
I have a little question … well, it is not about asking to reveal any technological secrets, but, here it is.
For instance, you have released a new pickup which adapts to guitars designed for “soapbar” type pickups. It looks like it […]

Coil-Tapping vs Coil-Splitting

May 31st, 2012
JBE on Coil Tapping vs. Coil Splitting
I often get questions about how we get single coil tone from our HB Two/Tone and how it compares to the old trick of coil-splitting a humbucker pickup to coax single coil tones from them.    The answer to this question lies partially in the differences between  “coil-tapping” (as […]

Please Don’t Call Them ‘Humbuckers’

July 12th, 2012
Please Don’t Call Them “Humbuckers”

JBE Pickups™ makes a line of guitar and bass pickups for both single coil as well as humbucker-equipped instruments.   While our line of pickups are currently all hum canceling they are not accurately all “Humbuckers”.

If you are already own a set of JBE pickups for your Strat™ or […]

J-Style Bass Pickups and Active Electronics

Do JBE J-Style Bass pickups work with on active Pre-amps/EQ?

Many bassists use active electronics on their J-Basses to get a variety of different tones that a flexible EQ can offer.  At the same time, some active electronics can flatten the tone of passive pickups as the signal traverses the circuit.   The answer to the […]

S-Deluxe Chunky

What up with the New S-Deluxe Chunky?

Recently we released our new S-Deluxe Chunky bridge pickup.   Some of you wanted to know what the heck is a Chunky and how does it compare to our standard S-Deluxe bridge pickup.   Also, is JBE not getting politically incorrect with the name?

First, the name suggests where the Chunky fits into the Strat™ scheme of things.  […]

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S-Deluxe HSS Set Review

Strat Pickups With No Hum And Lots Of Tone
As published on Music and Guitar Techniques

Guitar Techniques November 27, 2013, 16:00 UTC

Want great singlecoil tones without the hum? We discover how well Joe Barden Engineering offers this ultimate sonic package.

What do Bruce Springsteen, Nils Lofgren, Keith Richards and the late Danny Gatton all have in […]

JBE Family Reunion

Just like in real-life it can be difficult to get family members together, then ask them to gather for a photo-shoot? Like you, we seldom get a chance to see all of the JBE Family of Pickups together and it represents a proud moment for us as we realize all the care and effort […]

New JBE Pickups Product Boxes

Since its inception, JBE Pickups has used the same custom parchment paper boxes as it’s predecessor, Joe Barden Pickups Inc. As part of revisiting and carefully rebranding our name, we determined new product boxes should follow suite as well.

What is the best height for JBE Pickups?

I get the question about optimum pickup height adjustment quite often and am happy to respond to all the new players who have discovered JBE pickups and the significant difference our pickups offer over other brands. So, forgive me for re-posting an earlier blog on the topic, albeit edited a bit.

The answer to the […]

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Bruce Springsteen & our T-Style Pickups

For all those who have seen and heard Bruce Springsteen in concert you know that he not only puts on a great show but he really delivers….big time !  Whether you are a Bruce fan or not (and you will soon be a fan after a show),   you  will never leave saying that […]

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