HB and HB Two/Tone

Wiring Tip: Using an S1 switch with JBE pickups

June 29th, 2011
Can I use a Fender S1 switch with JBE pickups?
YES!  Definitely.  But you need to know a bit about the switch and how it works.

The S1 is a 4- pole/double throw switch that Fender ships on select models of Teles and Strats.  The switch is proprietary to Fender and may not be […]

Coil-Tapping vs Coil-Splitting

May 31st, 2012
JBE on Coil Tapping vs. Coil Splitting
I often get questions about how we get single coil tone from our HB Two/Tone and how it compares to the old trick of coil-splitting a humbucker pickup to coax single coil tones from them.    The answer to this question lies partially in the differences between  “coil-tapping” (as […]

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