HB Mini-Hums, Single Mode pickups

Perfect for Fender HSS and HSH pickguards

HB Two/Tone
Rounded /Coverless design.
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JBE Header The HB Mini is dual blade reduced-sized humbucker design popularly found in Les Pauls and SGs.   Its musicality has also made it popular in many other guitar models.

This JBE model was designed for players who are looking for improved tone, sensitivity and output, that is less dark than a full sized PAF type pickup but greater than that of a P90.

The HB Mini offers superb low-end clarity and  sustain  that makes it suitable for virtually any musical style, from blues to rock to jazz.

The HB Mini fits into the body routes of most popular guitars currently equipped with mini-humbuckers and conforms to the standards for mini hum mounting so that both stock and aftermarket pickup rings can be used easily.

The HB Mini is most commonly used in a two-pickup bridge and neck set, but is equally at home in  hum/single/single (HSS) or Hum/Single/Hum (HSH) configurations.

The HB Mini uses  4 conductor shielded cable  is supplied with mounting screws and wiring diagrams.  Using 4 wire hookup cable allows you to create other sounds when wiring the pickup in either its native series mode or with blades in parallel for an open, almost single coil-ish tone.  Each wiring option has no hum or noise.  



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