JAG-Styles for Jaguars and Bass VI Optional black

It' A Family

"I just want to tell you
how happy I am with the
JBE JAG Style pickups in my
Johnny Marr Jag
I was a bit reluctant to do
this ....but these JBE pickups
are astounding!

I also have your JAG-Styles
in my Bass VI
and on that instrument
they are just incredible."

JBE Header The dual blade JBE Jag-Styles are drop-in replacements for Fender® Jaguar pickups and can even be used in Fender®  Bass VIs TM  as well.

Like all JBE pickups, our Jag-Styles offer noise-free, high-fidelity performance with tone and performance simply not available from stock or lesser replacement pickups .   The traditional Jaguar metal “claw” is not required and has been eliminated from the design ensuring a perfect fit into Jaguar pickup cavities.

Fender® VI basses  benefit from the expanded frequency response of the JBE Jag-Styles giving these instruments a pristine, un-muddied bold tone that further adds to its vibe and unique character.

A bridge pickup option for  Fender PawnShop Bass VI models can be a JM Two/ToneTM pickup.    The JM TT, a Jazzmaster styled and sized pickup, delivers switchable single coil as well as full-bodied humbucker sounds at the flip of a switch.  The dual mode switching of the JM Two/ToneTM enables the Bass VI player to literally reconfigure his Fender VI bass as either an HSS and SSS on the fly for expanded tonal benefits.


‘These pickups are awesome in the Jaguar whether you play Surf or Rock.  Totally flexible !  
” Got an early first peak from JBE  for my Fender Bass VI.  . The clarity of  the notes was nothing short of remarkable. ”  Amie L.  NYC

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