JBE, Jazzmaster Pickup

JBE Header The JM Two/Tone™ for the Jazzmaster™ is a variation of our HBTwo/Tone pickups that adds a new dimension to the Jazzmaster. Retained are all the beloved surfy single coil tones, but now for the first time a range of full-bodied humbucker tones for Jazz, Rock, Country as well as other muscial styles that benefit from the extended capabilities offerd by the JM Two/Tone. All these sounds are at your fingertips using the noiseless mode switching inherent in the JM Two/Tone design.

The JM Two/Tone for the Jazzmaster has been physically modified to fit under a specially made slotted Jazzmaster cover for drop in replacement of your stock Jazzmaster pickups. A simple replacement of the existing “lead” Volume and Tone pots on the lower control section of the guitar with Push/Pull pots offer easy mode switching without modification to this classic instrument.
The dual mode JM Two/Tone allows Jazzmaster players to retain all the glory of single coil surf tones plus the added drive for rock, jazz or country sounds, making the Jazzmaster a more versatile instrument for Jazzmaster players.

Available in White and Black (Cream is special order)

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“…installed the Jazzmaster and played for about and hour. To say the least, I’m totally blown away–I knew they would be good…but THIS good? WOW!”  —Louie M.

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