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S-Deluxe Bridge and Chunky Bridge

Order the Chunky option for a "meatier" bridge tone.

Staggered blades for optimum string coverage in bridge position

aligned blades used for non-angled Neck and Middle positions

S-Deluxe N/M

JBE Header S-Style Deluxe Pickups The Strat™-equivalent to our dual blade Danny Gatton Tele pickups.  Available for the bridge position and neck/ middle positions. The tone of the S-Deluxe is absolutely Strat™ in character, but with greatly expanded fidelity and a balanced frequency response. Of course, hum and noise are completely eliminated. These pickups are incredibly sensitive, giving you a wide range of tones and output levels simply by adjusting the distance of the pickup from the strings. With S-Deluxe pickups, the “in-between” positions are wonderfully hollow, and the bridge pickup has the strength, snap, and twang typically experienced only in Telecasters.™ The unique staggered double blade design of the bridge pickup, common to all JBE single-coil sized bridge pickups, eliminates drop-outs on the outer strings.. All S-Deluxe pickups are designed to fit standard Strat body routs with no modifications to the instrument. The pickups utilize 4 conductor shielded cable to allow for any possible wiring combination and are supplied with wiring diagrams and mounting hardware to facilitate installation. The S-Deluxe Chunky™  bridge pickup is a more muscular version of the S-Deluxe bridge pickup that offers a fatter tone in the bridge without going all the way to the “Fat Strat” tones of a full humbucker, preserving the SSS vibe and in-between tones (albeit with a bit extra beef from the bridge pickup.)For a full fat-Strat experience, consider the S-Deluxe HSS Set equipped with an HB Two/Tone bridge pickup.  The HB TT is a dual mode/coil tapped bridge pickup that can be switched (on the fly) between full-bodied  humbucker or  single coil tones, preserving the vibe of an SSS or need for a full humbucker tone in an HSS configuration.    Both HB TT modes are free of noise and hum.  Check out the video sound sample.


“…nothing short of remarkable. The clarity of the notes were shocking at first because every little error I made was apparent, but that provided an incentive to sharpen-up my playing…” —Bill B


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