P-Style Bass Traditional Split-P Design

JBE Header Now there are two P-Style bass model pickups in the JBE bass lineup. The split style, and our most recent addition, the ’50s P-Styles.

The JBE split P-Style PickupsTM utilize two single coil pickup pairs giving the pickup a dual pickup footprint. In contrast, the ’50’s P-Style has a single pickup footprint and dual blade design and fits Tele, Sting, and ’50s P-basses without modification to the bass.

As you would expect from JBE, the P-Styles are significantly quieter than other P-Bass pickups. And, like all JBE bass and guitar pickups, every note is balanced and smooth across all strings. Intervals ring out with clarity and tone that make bass chording alive and expressive.

JBE P-Style pickups are designed for 4-string basses.

PJ Set 4-String only, also available

“Thanks so much for takin’ care of me today–I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Remarkable the difference between these & the stock pickups–it’s a totally different guitar now.” —Cliff S

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