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T-Style Tele™

…the one that started it all–dual blade T-Style inspired by Danny Gatton. Choose from three flavors; Modern, Nashville and original T-Style…

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S-Style Strat™

…Strat™ equivalent to our dual blade Danny Gatton Tele pickups. Two models are available; one for the bridge position and the other for the neck and middle positions.

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…all the characteristic vibe of  soapbar pickups but with… “more”– vintage or black finish.

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HB & HB Two/Tone™

…full-sized dual blade humbucker pickups designed for players looking for maximum tone, sensitivity and output, without being saddled with an inherently distorted or muddy-sounding humbucker.

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P-Style Bass™

…the sound of your P-styled bass becomes alive and present with punch and articulation that lifts your bass into a sound space that lets you stand out in the mix with authority and tone.

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50′ P-Style Bass™

…the bold round tones of the  ’50s Precision bass can be  relived with JBE’s classic ’50s P-Styles.   Fits ’50s Precision, Sting, or Tele bass models and allows you to fit in the mix without the hum or noise of traditional single coils.  You’ll fall even deeper in love with your classic ’50s styled bass.

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J-Style Bass™

…the same great JBE tone, power, and response for J-Style basses as our ground breaking double-blade guitar pickups have done for 6 string guitars for the last 25 years.

JM Two/Tone™ for Jazzmasters

…adds a new dimension to the Jazzmaster. Retained are all the beloved surfy single coil tones, but now for the first time a range of full-bodied humbucker tones for Jazz, Rock, Country as well as other musical styles that benefit from the extended capabilities…

R-Series™  for the Rickenbacker®  Bass and Guitars

…for Rickenbacker® 4000 series Basses and 300 series Guitars,   provides a major improvement over stock and even most replacement pickups, these pickups solve the most common problem of noise and hum while retaining everything you love about your Ric…

JBE, Jaguar pickup

Jag-Style™ for Jaguar

…the sound of surfin’ USA is alive and well with this pickup for Jaguar guitar models.   Ride the curl and hang 12, big Poppy.   Also used on Fender Bass VI™ models.

JBE, Modern Bridgeplate™

American Standard Bridgeplate Assembly

…  A retrofit for the  flat, 6 steel saddle American Standard bridgeplate that improves Tele tone and intonation.  Modeled after the Vintage Bridgeplate, with its three brass saddles and finger cut,  the American Standard Bridgeplate  offers the same benefits as the Vintage bridgeplate but for Am Std footprints.

JBE, Vintage Bridgeplate™

Vintage Bridgeplate Assembly

…  the Vintage bridgeplate  assembly with its compensated  brass saddles, and scooped sidewall  is the best selection for a drop-in replacement of stock  vintage styled plates.   A great tonal improvement for just about any Tele.


Limited 5-Year Warranty