Joe Barden Engineering, Soapbar Pickups

JBE Header JBE Soapbar Pickups have all the characteristic vibe of traditional soapbar pickups but with… “more.” The bridge pickup has the”attitude” players expect from a soapbar pickup, taking guitar solos to greater heights. The neck pickup is wonderfully warm, clear and present…never dull or lifeless. With both switched ‘on’ you get a wonderfully hollow/woody sound that seems to belie the tonal character of each pickup seperately. Equally impressive is that the noise and hum of traditional soapbars are totally eliminated in the JBE design, making them perfect for recording and live performance.Not designed to be simply another vintage recreation. JBE Soapbars not only offer authentic soapbar tone but also the presence, musicality and noise free performance that are characteristic of all JBE pickups. Like our entire line of pickups, we sought to develop a Soapbar pickup that would meet today’s music demands with players expectations for a high fidelity soapbar design. It simply had to be more than a vintage recreation.JBE Soapbars are designed to fit body routes of any guitar that conforms to the Gibson soapbar/P90 specification. Dog-ear models are planned for later release.

“I installed a set of JBE Soapbars in my 2003 Hamer Studio Goldtop as soon as they arrived. I haven’t been able to put the thing down since.” —Cliff 

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