R4000 Pickups for RIC Basses


The R-4000 Bass Pickups for Rickenbacker® 4001/4003 series basses provides major improvements over stock, and most replacement pickups.  Retaining the classic RIC™ vibe and tone, R4000 bass pickups have an expanded tonal palate and highly articulate response. Asa result, this eliminates the vagueness of the the stock pickups. Like all JBE pickups, these pickups solve the most common problem of noise and hum that plagues RIC™ bassists.  R4000 bass pickups are so quiet you may even question if they are on. Giving you all of the output, with none of the noise.  Above all, the R4000 bass pickups are renowned for their high fidelity sound and performance.

These R4000 bass pickups are designed to reuse RIC™ pickup hardware for drop in installation without modification to the instrument.  While pickup covers are not provided, the pickups will fit into the stock bass pickup covers. All of our R4000 bass pickups use high-quality 2-conductor shielded cable and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting hardware and wiring diagrams.

169.95 – 299.95

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