SDLX S-style Pickups for Stratocasters


S-Style Deluxe Pickups are the Strat-equivalent to our dual blade Danny Gatton Tele pickups.  Available for the bridge position and neck/ middle positions, the tone of S-Deluxe pickups are absolutely Strat in character, but with greatly expanded fidelity and a balanced frequency response. All hum-free, the “in-between” positions are wonderfully hollow, the neck and middle positions are bell-like and glassy, and the bridge pickup has the strength, snap, and twang typically experienced only in Telecasters.  The S-Deluxe Chunky bridge pickup is a more muscular version of the S-Deluxe bridge pickup that offers a fatter, more lead-friendly tone in the bridge position.  Due to the incredible sensitivity of S-Deluxe pickups, a wide range of tones and output levels are available simply by adjusting the distance of the pickup from the strings.

All S-Deluxe pickups are designed to fit standard Strat body routs with no modifications to the instrument.  S-Deluxe pickups use high-quality 4-conductor shielded cable to allow for any possible wiring combination, and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting screws and wiring diagrams.

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