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R300 Style pickups for Rickenbacker Guitars

JBE Header Ric™ players have been asking JBE for a replacement pickup for their guitars ever since we announced the R4000s for Ric basses. Now with the addition of the R300 Styles to the R-Series of pickups designed for Rickenbacker guitars and basses, there is a high performance and noise free solution for Ric guitars.The design of the R300s allows the reuse of your Ric’s chrome pickup covers and as such preserves (and perhaps even improves upon ) the classic look of a beautifully crafted Rickenbacker instrument, offering a significant improvement over stock and other replacement pickups.First, the R-300s solve the most common problems of noise and hum…. a problem that too often relegates many Ric guitars and basses to the at-home collection rather than out on live gigs and recording sessions. Next, JBE’s R-300 pickups are so quiet you may even question if they are ‘on’. The benefits do not stop here and include:
– An expanded tonal palate that supports a broader variety of musical styles but without sacrificing the classic Ric tone.
– More powerful performance with a highly articulate response and tone that lifts your RIC™ out of the mix.
– Complimentary appearance with the reuse of your existing pickup hardware whether you have Toaster or Open face covers.
– Simple 2-wire installation.
– Above all, the R-300s have the JBE ‘DNA” for high fidelity sound and performance for which JBE pickups are prized.
RIC™, Rickenbacker® , and Toaster® are trademarks of Rickenbacker Int’l Corp. JBE Pickups®and Rickenbacker are not affiliated.

Shown mounted in your stock open face or Ric Toaster® covers as shown here. Pickup covers are not included with purchase of R-300 Styles™.


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