Looking for replacement pickups for you Ric™  guitar ?  If so, you need to checkout our new R300™ pickups.

Although not yet officially announced, the R300s are among the latest additions in the R-Series of JBE Pickups designed to fit Rickenbacker® guitars and basses.   Like all JBE pickups, the R300s are hum-canceling designs that not only improves the tone and performance of Ric guitars but also compliments the guitar’s classic vibe.

The R-300™ model pickups offers major improvements over stock and other replacement pickups by first solving the most common problems of noise and hum associated with single coil pickup designs used in many Ric guitar models.  But the benefits don’t stop there.  Other benefits include:

–       As expanded tonal palate that supports a variety of musical styles, yet without sacrificing the classic Ric™ tone.

–       Powerful performance with an articulate response that that lifts your Ric out of the mix allowing you to be heard with clarity and authority.

–       The design of the R300s complement the classic Ric  look  by its reuse of  the existing Ric chrome pickup covers, whether Toaster or Open face styles.

–       Simple 2-wire installation.

–       Above all, the new R-300s share the same JBE ‘DNA’ for high fidelity tone and performance for which JBE pickups are prized.

The R300s are available in 2 and 3 pickup sets with pricing starting at $299.95.

Be advised that RIC™ chrome pickup covers are not included with your purchase of any JBE R-Series pickups.   Need covers?  You can purchase them from an authorized Rickenbacker parts dealer. 

Don’t let your classic Ric guitar languish at home in your collection.  With a set of JBE R300s, your Ric will not only be quiet on stage and  studio but also stand out in the mix  and enhance all those classic Ric tones….and more.

JBE R300s are currently build to order and only available at this time when purchased directly from JBE by phone or on our website (coming soon).  If you prefer to work with a trusted JBE Pickups™ dealer in your area, let them know about your interest in the R300s and have them contact us.  We will work with them to get the pickups to you as quickly as possible.

Ric™ is a trademark of Rickenbacker® International.  JBE Pickups™ and Rickenbacker® are not affiliated