September 1st, 2011

I just love hearing the kind of news that follows here from Todd.  Had to share with you all.    Todd, thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Frank T
JBE Pickups

Hi Frank,
It just occurred to me the other day that I never gave you any follow-up on the “road test” of my Rick bass that you guys installed the custom replacement set of pickups in. If you remember, we had a huge gig back in April at a 5,000 plus seat venue opening for Lou Gramm’s (Foreigner) first band, Blacksheep. What can I say… to say that the sound of the bass surpassed my wildest expectations would be a gross understatement! We completely rocked the house that night and the sound of the Rick completely tore the roof off the place! I’ve attached a few pics of your pickups getting some exposure in front of approx. 2,500 people – what a great night! I’ve used the Rick for every gig since the big show and am pleased to say that my other seven instruments are on vacation for a while – this is my main baby! Like I said before, thank you for breathing new life into an instrument I was about ready to get rid of – what a mistake that would have been! Hope all is well!