January 24th, 2012

Here is a great user review of our Soapbar (P90) pickup set.  Check it out! 

Frank T
JBE Pickups
Joe Barden Engineering

Jan. 2012

Pete here….I recently installed a set of JBE Soapbars in a Les Paul and wanted to tell you about my very positive experience with them. I’ll try to keep it brief!

I have been playing my white Strat with the (JBE) S-Deluxe set in it for years as my main stage guitar. I also have a very nice 1997 Les Paul sunburst, but could never get it to compete on stage with the JBE-equipped Strat. No matter what humbucking pups I tried I that guitar, it just could not sound in the same ballpark as the Barden Strat. Always somewhat muddy, never could rival the authoritative, tight yet fat midrange and highs of the JBEpups in the Strat. I tried many different sets of boutique pickups in that guitar, from high to low output and everything in between.

My search for the perfect Paul continued recently when I tried a P90-equipped Gibson Goldtop Les Paul at Guitar Center. I ran it through a nice crunchy tube amp, and compared it with my humbucking Burst. Well, the P90 guitar sounded a lot better, and I felt there was good potential for that guitar to cut through and sound great on stage. However, the Gibson single-coil P90′s were sooo darn noisy, I knew they were not going to be acceptable for live use. Then I remembered the JBE Soapbars! I immediately ordered a set in Cream, installed them on the day of my next show, and played the guitar on stage that night.

Well, all I can say is that I was completely BLOWN AWAY! This new Goldtop with the JBE Soapbars was exactly what I have been looking for. It has the fat….growl that I needed in a Paul, but with the amazing clarity and high-end that only JBE pickups seem to be able to provide, in my experience. AND NO NOISE! Talk about a perfect solution to my problem! That Goldtop is now my main stage guitar, although I still love my trusty Strat and use it on several tunes each night.

I now have a matched set of JBE-equipped guitars, and get great tones every night. And this is after many years of buying and selling numerous guitars and amps.