color = THemeOpt/Shortcode Styling 402f1a
also, trumps Shortcode “textcolor=” option)
face = ThemeOpt/Type/BodyFont PT Sans
slider speed = ThemeOpt/Extras 4000ms

/* Testimonial CSS/color and face are in ThemeOpt */
blockquote q {
font-size: 20px !important; (works)
font-family: Times New Roman !important; (seemingly overridden by ThemeOpt)
line-height: 125% !important; (works)
font-style: italic !important; (overridden by Shortcode standard)
background: none !important (can control in Shortcode)

“…7000ms (7sec. delay between slides)installed the T-Styles and played for about and hour. To say the least, I’m totally blown away–I knew they would be good…but THIS good? WOW!”
“…7000ms (7sec. delay between slides) clarity of ther notes were shocking at first because every little error I made was apparent, but that provided an incentive to sharpen-up my playing…” 

Separator color = ThemeOpt/Shortcode Styling/Separators Color