Two/Tone Heaven
Feb 2016

I got this installed last night along with a new Warmoth rosewood neck. The Two/Tone is incredible. I get a fantastic single coil bridge tone, which works amazingly well with the middle and the neck (Danny Gatton). The humbucker tone is amazing as well. I love it. My guitar does everything I need it to do at last. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work. I’ll spread the word in this part of the world.

Simon (Norwich, England)


Deluxe Chunky on a ’58 Strat.
January 2016

I received the S-Deluxe Chunky Bridge Pickup yesterday and am *totally*
blown away!

I put a set of your regular pickups in my ’58 Strat project guitar a
number of years ago and it’s always been a go-to guitar for me.  The feel of almost 60
year-old wood with it’s light-weight and resonance coupled with the incredible tone and
noise-free qualities of your pickups is amazing, but the additional output of the Chunky
pickup puts it over the top.  Though I always enjoyed the twang-factor of the original,
this makes it much more rock-friendly and I now have more versatility with one of my
favorite axes.
I am a big proponent of your pickups and currently have them in 4 guitars!