Repair Charges

Our 5 year Warranty while very liberal does not cover all repairs. Charges for out of warranty repair work will be assessed when pickups are:
(i) older than 5 years from date of purchase,
(ii) where an original proof of purchase can not be produced to prove original ownership as required by the Warranty, or
(iii) when user-inflicted damages are the cause of the damages.

Our general repair pricing is $35/hr (or fraction thereof per 1/4 hour) plus return shipping costs. Where repairs a very simple and well under the first 1/4 hour, only return shipping costs may be applicable. Rebuilds/Rewinds are more extensive and will be discussed with your before attempting any work.

JBE will send you a PayPal Invoice for the repair costs and shipping charges, or you may wish to call us with your card information.

Return shipping charges within the US are approximately $8.95 to $11.25. Shipping charges outside the US may range between $20 and $45, depending on country.

Overnight shipping charges are additional and will be quoted upon request.

The time to complete a repair depends on the nature of work to be done. Most repairs are completed within 5-7 business days, and even sometimes the day after receiving your pickup in our shop. It all really depending on the nature of the work to be done.

Warranty on Repaired/Rebuilt pickups is 90 days


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