Bruce Springsteen & our T-Style Pickups

For all those who have seen and heard Bruce Springsteen in concert you know that he not only puts on a great show but he really delivers….big time ! Whether you are a Bruce fan or not (and you will soon be a fan after a show), you will never leave saying that he and the E Street Band (and crew) did not give you way more than you may have expected.

We are happy to have Bruce and Nils Lofgren as artists who use JBE Pickups in one or more of their instruments.

Many players have asked us if Bruce uses a specialized version of our T-Style pickups. The answer is, no. Bruce uses the standard Gatton T-Style set in his instruments. The only difference in Bruce’s pickups is that they are “water-proofed” by his guitar tech, Kevin Buell, a little known fact that even we were unaware of until recently. Bruce’s puts out herculean efforts in a show and is known to douse himself (and his guitars) with water. In order to keep everything working, Kevin does a few things to ensure that the entire guitar and electronics survive the beating that Bruce can give them during a performance. Kevin keeps all his gear it tip top shape so that Bruce can concentrate on what he does best, provide a dynamic show. In fact, the work going on backstage during a Bruce show has Kevin on his toes delivering Bruce the right guitars at just the right time in the show, then going backstage and working the arsenal of others Bruce uses during the show.

I hope to tell you a bit more about Kevin and how he juggles all the things related to Bruce’s guitars in future blogs. You will be amazed at how much goes on behind the scenes that make a Springsteen concert come off so well.

Thank you, Bruce for playing JBE Pickups.