JM Two-Tone Pickups for Jazzmasters


The JM Two/Tone™ for the Jazzmaster™ is a variation of our HB Two/Tone pickups that adds a new dimension to the Jazzmaster.  Retained are all the beloved surfy single coil tones, as well as a range of full-bodied humbucker tones.  Both hum-free modes are at your fingertips using the noiseless switching inherent in the JM Two/Tone design.  Replacing the existing Volume and Tone pots on the lower control section of the guitar with Push/Pull pots offers easy mode switching without modification to this classic instrument.

The JM Two/Tone has been designed to fit under a specially made slotted Jazzmaster cover for drop in replacement of your stock pickups.  All JM Two/Tone pickups use high-quality 6 conductor shielded cable and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting hardware and wiring diagrams.

189.96 – 329.95

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