Soapbar PIckups


JBE Soapbar pickups have all the characteristic vibes of traditional soapbar P90 pickups but with… “more”.  The bridge pickup has all the ”attitude” players expect from a soapbar pickup.  The neck pickup is wonderfully warm, clear and present and never dull or lifeless.  With both positions combined you get a wonderfully hollow/woody sound that seems to defy the tonal character of each pickup separately.  Equally impressive is that the noise and hum of traditional P-90’s are totally eliminated in the JBE design, making them perfect for recording and live performance.  New! JBE Black Beauty Soapbars!  JBE Soapbars are now also available in a COVERED DESIGN to best fit your taste and guitar.  More than just a vintage recreation, Soapbars not only offer authentic soapbar tone but also the presence, musicality and noise-free performance that are characteristic of all JBE pickups
Soapbar pickups are designed to fit body routes of any guitar that conforms to the Gibson soapbar P-90 specs, with no modification to the instrument.  All Soapbar pickups use high-quality 2 conductor shielded cable and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting hardware and wiring diagrams.

159.95 – 399.00

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