SSH and HSH Pickup Sets


SSH and HSH sets for SSH (single/single/humbucker) and HSH (humbucker/single/humbucker) equipped instruments are for players who need flexibility on stage or in the studio without the typical sacrifices in output and tone.  Combining our celebrated S-Deluxe pickups with JBE Humbucker or Mini-Humbucker , players can finally get full bodied humbucker tones and glassy single-coil tones from the same guitar, without varying output levels between pickups, switching noise or hum in the “single-coil” positions.  Equpping JBE’s Two-Tone Humbucker pickups takes the sonic flexibility to the next level.  With the flick of a switch, players can go from a SSH or HSH setup to a typical SSS layout, retaining all the chimey, bell-like and quacky in-between sounds of a single coil equipped guitar.  Because of our unique dual-blade construction, string spacing at the bridge is not an issue, as it can be with traditional humbucker pickups.

JBE’s SSH and HSH pickup sets fit into standard humbucker and single-coil body routs with no modifications to the instrument.  All SSH and HSH sets use high-quality 4 and 6 conductor shielded cable and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting screws and wiring diagrams.

399.00 – 469.95

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