Two-Tone Humbuckers


The HB Two/Tone pickup is an additional refinement of our HB model. Our design is a complete improvement over any kind of series/parallel or split-coil wiring and gives players essentially two pickups in one: Full bodied humbucker tone when the pickup is fully engaged or, with the flick of a switch, the bright tone and output of an single-coil voiced S-Deluxe.  All with no switching noise and no hum in either mode.  The HB Two/Tone is the ultimate pickup for Dual Humbucker, Hum/Single/Single (HSS) or Hum/Single/Hum (HSH) instruments and is an indispensable tool for those needing total flexibility on stage or in the studio.

The HB Two-Tone models, fit into standard humbucker body routs with no modifications to the instrument.  All HB Two-Tone pickups use high-quality 6 conductor shielded cable and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting screws and wiring diagrams.

$189.95 – $325.95

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