S-Deluxe Chunky

What up with the New S-Deluxe Chunky?

Recently we released our new S-Deluxe Chunky bridge pickup.   Some of you wanted to know what the heck is a Chunky and how does it compare to our standard S-Deluxe bridge pickup.   Also, is JBE not getting politically incorrect with the name?

First, the name suggests where the Chunky fits into the Strat™ scheme of things.  So for the PC among us, so don’t get too bent out of shape. J.   The Chunky can also be thought of as the cousin of the Modern T-Bridge, which we introduced for the Telecaster some time ago.  Both give you more muscle in the bridge tones.

The Chunky name is a play off the Fat Strat thing (not my doing on this naming, so don’t blame me) in which a humbucker replaces the traditional Strat bridge pickup to drive more ‘oomph’ from the Stat’s bridge pickup. While this approach works well for a lot of players, it goes a bit too far for those who want to keep as much traditional Strat tone and performance as possible.

The Chunky has several benefits,

  1. It never takes you outside the city limits of Strat-ville where you lose classic Strat vibe and performance.
  2. Unlike a full sized humbucker, the Chunky drop-fits right into the same single coil pickup cavity as does our S-Deluxe pickups.
  3. Even with the Chunky’s extra muscle, the in-between sounds of the neck and bridge pickup are not totally sacrificed as in a Fat Strat approach.

So, there you have it, the S-Deluxe Chunky, an alternative for those wanting more bridge pickup performance without going all the way to an HSS Fat Strat solution.  Oh, I failed to mention that the S-Deluxe Chunky is priced just like the S-Deluxe…no uplift in price.   And you can have it in any color you want…just as long as it is black or white.

Got a Strat routed for a humbucker in the bridge and want to have it all, i.e. an HSS Fat Strat PLUS a standard SSS Strat configuration?   The optimal solution is our  HB Two/Tone which allows you to switch (noiselessly on the fly) between its two noise-free modes , full-on humbucker tone and S-Deluxe single-coil-sounding mode.  See our website for a broader discussion of the HB Two/Tone ™.