Which Tele Bridgeplate do I need?

There are two Joe Barden Tele Bridgeplate and Saddle kit models available:

  • American Standard
  • Vintage Style

In general, if your guitar currently has a flat, 6-saddle bridgeplate, the correct replacement would be an American Standard model. If you have what is commonly referred to as the ashtray bridge plate, it is likely to be the Vintage Model. Teles made both in and outside the US may have this bridgeplate design incorporated in them.

You can find more info on this site under the Products/Hardware menu.

For better identification, you need to examine your current bridgeplate and note where the string-thru holes in the bridgeplate are positioned.

  • If the (6) small string-thru holes lie in front of the (4) larger mounting holes, i.e. closest to the headstock, then the plate is an American Standard model and you should order the appropriate Joe Barden American Standard bridge plate and saddle kit to replace it.
  • Conversely, if the string-thru holes are situated behind the mounting holes, i.e. closest to the butt end of the guitar, it is a Vintage model.

You can order Joe Barden Tele Bridgeplates and Saddles directly from our website or by calling Allparts Inc at 713 466 6414. JBE does not stock saddle replacements. Please call Allparts if you wish to purchase the saddle kits alone.