Why choose our Guitar Pickups?


In this article we will discuss the many reasons why artists and casual players alike, prefer our JBE Pickups. First of all, tone. Tone is a major contributor as to why so many players want to have our pickups installed in their guitars. For over 40 years JBE has been dedicated to the pursuit of tonal qualities that are promised, but rarely delivered, by our competitors. JBE offers true hum-cancellation in each pickup. This ensures a truly quiet pickup that will blend smoothly, and silently between selected positions of the guitar circuitry. This will avoid noise and hum often associated with other pickups, especially single coil pickups.

The second reason, quality. JBE uses quality components in each one of our pickups. From the chassis, to the wire that we use to wind our pickups, as well as, the shielded wire to make the connections. When you use better components, you get a better product. It’s that simple. Quality also goes into the fabrication of each pickup, hand made, right here in our Raleigh, North Carolina facility. That gives us the ability to crate a consistent product, time after time, with the quality control deserving of such a tonal masterpiece!

Another reason would be the incredible clarity and articulation, even at high output, and JBE’s have an abundance of output. Whether you are looking a clean jazz like tone, or maybe some country “twang”, or even the crunch required for modern rock, our pickups deliver the goods. If that wasn’t enough, the sustain that JBE Pickups offer will surely make you a believer, unless you are not a fan sustain, which we highly doubt.

Finally, customer service. JBE’s customer base is truly worldwide. From right here in the US, to Australia, Belgium, France, or basically anywhere that people play guitar. With that in mind, we strive to offer the best customer service possible so that we can maintain satisfied customers and help provide any technical information that may be required when installing our products.

So there are just a few of the reasons, and there are many more, why players choose JBE Pickups. Tone, quality, attention to detail, and customer service. That’s really all you need.